Sunday, October 4, 2009

another day in my life

Well another day come and gone,I live for the weekends cause that is when johns want to spend money on us dope whores. All in all this weekend went well. I got busy Friday afternoon and turned a shit load of tricks, I finally landed a guy who let me stay at his motel room for a couple nights. He kept me in the crack while I kept his dick hard and did anything sexual he wanted to do. I made him cum 6 times Saturday and he still wanted more, which was all right by me, I just can't ever seem to get enough sex. Anyway all went well for me having a steady john like him makes my life a whole lot easier. Hope he calls me next weekend so I can suck on the glass dick with no worry. Well hop every one else had a good weekend. Well time to get back out on the stroll and make some crack money, bye for now xoxoxoxoxoxoxox